Journal of Moral Education Trust

The JME Trust is a UK-based charitable company whose revenue is entirely derived from income from the Journal of Moral Education, which it owns. Founded in 1971, Journal of Moral Education Trust provides a unique interdisciplinary forum for the discussion and analysis of moral education and development throughout the lifespan. It encourages submissions across the human sciences and humanities that use a range of methodological approaches and address aspects of moral reasoning, moral emotions, motivation and moral action in various contexts (eg, cultural, gender, family, schooling, community, leisure, work) and roles (eg, parent, teacher, student, civic, professional).

With its stellar fellowship, the British Academy is the leading voice for the Humanities and Social Sciences in the UK; more than this, it is globally recognised as authoritative in promoting world-leading scholarship and in nurturing some of our most talented scholars.
The Journal of Moral Education Trust, through its globally leading journal and associated activities, is at the forefront of scholarship in the field of moral and civic education. Both organisations are committed to careful analysis and reasoned responses to the intellectual and practical challenges we face together and it is fitting and an honour that the Journal is able to collaborate in a small way with the objectives of the Academy.

Professor James C Conroy, Chair of JMET

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