Elliott, John, 1930-2022

by Professor Richard L. Kagan and Professor Geoffrey Parker FBA

24 Jul 2023
Number of pages
100 (pages 151-250)

Sir John H. Elliott was the world’s leading expert on the history of early modern Spain and its overseas empire. Recipient of numerous honours and awards, he taught at Cambridge University and King’s College London before becoming professor of history in the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, New Jersey. He returned to Britain in 1991 as Regius Professor of Modern History at Oxford University, retiring in 1997, but remained an active, engaged scholar until his death in March 2022. His legacy includes numerous books, notably his internationally acclaimed The Count-Duke of Olivares: A Statesman in an Age of Decline (1986) and Empires of the Atlantic world: Britain and Spain in America, 1492–1820 (2006). He also trained and inspired dozens of disciples on both sides of the Atlantic.

Posted to Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the British Academy, 21

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