Taylor, Christopher, 1935-2021

by Professor Christopher Dyer FBA

30 Jun 2022
Number of pages
21 (pages 201-221)

Christopher Taylor spent his working life in the Royal Commission on Historical Monuments of England, of which he became Head of Archaeological Survey in 1980. His academic achievement was to record and interpret the earthwork remains of medieval sites. He was a thoughtful surveyor, who integrated the results with information from other sources, and became a leading figure in the study of past landscapes. He contributed to a sequence of inventories published by the RCHME, but also published many articles in journals, chapters in edited volumes, and books aimed in part at the general reader. His achievements were widely recognised, notably in the award of the British Academy’s Landscape Archaeology Medal in 2013.

Posted to Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the British Academy, 20

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