Oriental Documents

Published between 1977 and 2000

The British Academy published several volumes in this series, between 1977 and 2000. There will be no more British Academy contributions to this series.

XI. The Archive of Yogyakarta, Volume II: Documents relating to Economic and Agrarian Affairs, edited by Peter Carey & Mason C Hoadley
978-0-19-726185-9 hbk 2000 available from Oxbow

X. The British in Java, 1811–1816: A Javanese Account, edited by Peter Carey
0-19-726062-4 hbk 1992 out of print

IX. Letters from Ethiopian Rulers (Early and Mid-Nineteenth Century), translated by David L Appleyard & A K Irvine, annotated by Richard K P Pankhurst
978-0-19-726046-3 hbk 1985 available from Oxbow

[VIII.] [published in 1985 by the British Library — mistakenly numbered Volume VII]

VII. Anglo-Chinese Relations 1839–1860: A Calendar of Chinese Documents in the British Foreign Office Records, by J Y Wong
0-19-726014-4 hbk 1983 available from Oxbow

VI. Letters from Barbary 1576–1774: Arabic Documents in the Public Record Office, translated by J F P Hopkins
0-19-726010-1 hbk 1982 out of print

V. [published by the British Library]

IV. [published by the British Library]

III. The Archive of Yogyakarta, Vol. I: Documents Relating to Politics and Internal Court Affairs, edited by P B R Carey
978-0-19-725997-9 pbk 1980 available from Oxbow

II. The Amharic Letters of Emperor Theodore of Ethiopia to Queen Victoria and her Special Envoy, translated by Girma-Selassie Asfaw & David L Appleyard with Edward Ullendorff
0-19-725988-X pbk 1979 out of print

I. William Harborne and the Trade with Turkey, 1578–1582: A Documentary Study of the First Anglo-Ottoman Relations, by S A Skilliter
0-19-725971-5 hbk 1977 out of print

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