Oriental and African Archives

Published between 1992 and 1997.

Five volumes were published in this series, between 1992 and 1997. This series has now been discontinued.

5. Politics and Diplomacy in Egypt: The Diaries of Sir Miles Lampson, 1935–1937, edited by M E Yapp
0-19-726155-8 hbk 1997 out of print

4. Imperial Boundary Making: The Diary of Captain Kelly and the Sudan–Uganda Boundary Commission of 1913, edited by G H Blake
978-0-19-726154-5 hbk 1997 available from Oxbow

3. The Upper Nile Province Handbook: A Report on Peoples and Government in the Southern Sudan, 1931, compiled by C A Willis, edited by Douglas H Johnson
0-19-726146-9 hbk 1995 out of print

2. On Trek in Kordofan: The Diaries of a British District Officer in the Sudan 1931–1933, by C A E Lea, edited by M W Daly
978-0-19-726128-6 hbk 1994 available from Oxbow

1. Before the Wind Changed: People, Places and Education in the Sudan, by Ina Beasley, edited by Janet Starkey
0-19-726110-8 hbk 1992 out of print

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