A fresh case for investing in research and innovation: Summary of two commissioned evidence syntheses

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The National Academies recognise the need to better understand the range of benefits that research and innovation (R&I) bring to the UK, the distribution of those benefits across the country and its population, how those benefits are achieved and how best to measure them. The Academies assembled a Steering Group to oversee the commissioning of two evidence syntheses to investigate these questions.  An evidence synthesis is designed to provide policymakers with access to a balanced summary of all available evidence on a topic. The evidence required to address a policy question often comes from a range of disciplines, study designs and sources. The commissioned syntheses are a step in developing an evidence base to better describe the conditions needed to ensure the continued excellence of the UK’s outstanding research and innovation base and its delivery of benefits, broadly understood, to the UK’s people. This document contains a summary of key findings from both syntheses. 

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