A manifesto for the Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts

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The British Academy
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The UK has an enviable and long-held global reputation for excellence in the humanities, arts and social sciences. This allows us, in collaboration with scientific disciplines, to enact change and pioneer new ways of understanding what it means to be human: our past, our present, and how we might shape our future.

Today, societies around the world face challenges that are greater than ever before. There is a pressing need for deep understandings of cultures, histories, geographies, languages, institutions, economies, behaviours, laws and beliefs – all of which are the subjects of the social sciences and humanities. With the evidence and insight drawn from these subjects, Governments can act with urgency and confidence.

Our manifesto sets out three ways the next government can utilise the vast potential of the humanities and social sciences. From artificial intelligence to climate change, our disciplines provide crucial insights to address today’s complex challenges and shape a better future for us all.

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