Strengthening Academic Collaboration Between the UK and Iran

by Professor Ali Ansari (British Institute of Persian Studies), Professor Charles Tripp FBA (SOAS University of London), Professor Robert Hillenbrand FBA (University of St Andrews), Professor Roger Matthews (University of Reading), Dr Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis (British Museum and British Institute of Persian Studies)

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 More recently, important advances have been made in negotiations on Iran’s nuclear deal framework and, in this connection, the lifting of decades-long sanctions. Positive changes in political affairs present a unique opportunity to strengthen academic collaboration between the UK and Iran as well as bolster bilateral relations in an open and constructive manner. The benefits of enhanced scholarly collaboration likely to accrue to the UK and Iran are manifold, including a stronger research base domestically and internationally; increased competitiveness of the domestic research systems; greater capacity to address shared or global challenges; and enhanced economic prosperity.

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