Digital inclusion network development: A case study in Derbyshire

by Dr Sharon Wagg, Dr Sara Vannini, Dr Efpraxia Zamani, Dr Maira Klyshbekova, Dr Bethany Aylward, Dr Xiufeng Jia

Digital inclusion network development: A case study in Derbyshire report cover
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The aim of this project was to investigate digital inclusion network building as a mechanism for reducing digital poverty. Analysing the specific case of a successful rural digital inclusion network in the UK, this case study provides essential insights into the experiences of those involved in the network and the steps taken to build a network that delivers digital inclusion across a region. The emphasis of this network is not on technological digital infrastructure networks such as fibre, broadband or mobile, but instead is on a network of organisations that provide social and community support through digital inclusion activities in the county of Derbyshire.

Executive Summary


The executive summary for the research project.



Alongside their report, drawing from the learnings of their research the University of Sheffield project team have produced an animation outlining their 12-principle framework for building digital inclusion networks.

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