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Daniel, Glyn Edmund, 1914-1986

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Extract relating to military intelligence work:

The war years swiftly intervened; by 1940 Daniel was commissioned in the RAF as one of the small group of archaeologists, geologists, geographers and surveyors which was to form the nucleus of the Air Photo Interpretation branch of inter-service intelligence. Posted to India in 1942 as a staff officer to organize (and eventually to direct) photo-intelligence in the South East Asia theatre of war, in 1946, with the rank of Wing-Commander he returned to civilian life, to his [St John’s] College [Cambridge] Fellowship and as Director of Studies, and to an Assistant Lectureship in the Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology.

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Publication date: 1989

ISBN number: 978-0-19-726083-8 hbk

Author: Stuart Piggott