The social implications of COVID-19 on communities

by Emily Morrison, Jude Fransman and Katriya Bulutoglu for the British Academy

Institute for Community Studies
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This report is based on a rapid review of the available academic and grey literature in November 2020. The timeframe for the review meant that it was not possible to take a truly systematic approach but the team endeavoured to identify published and unpublished literature relating to the impact of COVID-19 on communities drawing on:

  • Academic journal publications, including pre-prints
  • Interim, public facing, and snapshot publications produced by many of the major studies on related topics
  • National statistics produced by ONS and analysis of national surveys
  • Reports articles and blogs published by think tanks, charities, public sector organisations and philanthropic funders
  • Informal/ unpublished sources such as conversations with stakeholders in a variety of roles around the UK

We covered all forms of research: primary quantitative and qualitative studies (including those adopting innovative digital, creative and participatory methodologies), as well as analysis of secondary data and some economic analysis.

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