Reframing Childhood Past and Present: chronologies

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The chronology points within this document are primarily acts of parliament and white papers, though other significant reports and policy developments have been listed where it has led to significant changes in thinking and practice towards children.

The chronologies have been developed primarily through desk research, expert interviews and a series of workshops with academics, policymakers and practitioners in Edinburgh, Cardiff, London and Belfast in June and July of 2019.

The chronologies cover the following key policy areas: Early years and education; social security and child poverty; health; care and protection; rights; youth justice; and culture, media and technology.

The geographical extent of relevant legislation, or the jurisdictions of which they form part of the law, is noted where known. The extent of an Act can be different from its application, where an Act produces a practical effect. For example, the extent may be listed as England and Wales, even if in practice it applies only to England.

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