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British Academy Review, Issue 10, 2007

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Onora O’Neill, President

How Philosophers Die
David Palfrey

Moral Panics: Then and Now
David Garland

Welcome to the Software-Sorted Society
Stephen Graham

Martin Buber: Philosopher of Dialogue and of the Resolution of Conflict
W John Morgan

The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra
Rachel Beckles Willson

The Power of the Past
Harriet Crawford

The Frontiers of the Ottoman World: Fortifications, Trade, Pilgrimage and Slavery
Andrew Peacock

Migration in the Crusades to the Medieval Middle East
Piers D Mitchell and Andrew R Millard

Coercion and Consent in Nazi Germany
Richard J Evans

Cabinets and the Bomb
Catherine Haddon

The Royal African Company of England in West Africa 1681–1699
Robin Law

The British Academy’s Africa Panel
Robin Law

Captivated by Africa’s Geography: James McQueen, Thomas Fowell Buxton and the Abolition of Slavery
David Lambert

Ibadan 1960
Will Rea

The First English Bible: A Lost Opportunity
Mary Dove

Archimedes and Company
William Noel

Rhyming Pictures: Walter Crane and the Art of Reading
Grace Brockington

Progress in Understanding ‘Tone Deafness’
Karen Wise, John Sloboda and Isabelle Peretz

Word Comprehension in Younger and Older Adults: When is a Difference a Deficit?
Meredith Shafto

Should We Notice Researchers Outside the University?
Ruth Finnegan

Languages Matter
Marian Hobson

Copyright and Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences: a British Academy Review
John Kay

Peer Review: the Challenges for the Humanities and Social Sciences. A British Academy Review
Albert Weale

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Number of pages: 72

Publication date: 2007