Shaping Futures: Youth Livelihood Options in Creating Inclusive Cities

A project examining the contributions that young people can make to the creation of inclusive cities in India and Brazil.
Project status
Youth Futures

This project has emerged out of young people’s requests for improved livelihood options in their own urban contexts. It builds on established research partnerships and existing community initiatives, with longstanding engagement with youth in India and Brazil. Youth involvement in policy development is crucial, given the many challenges they face, linked to urbanisation, economic opportunities, rights and participatory democracy. With these issues recognised in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, now is a pivotal moment to: (a) critically consider young people’s livelihood experiences, and (b) innovate and rethink how young people can be engaged in policy development to address these challenges.

Through a strategic approach, using creative and accessible outputs, the research team is looking to engage with young and adult stakeholders to transform local policies and practices, and provide lessons nationally and cross-nationally to support youth livelihood options that create inclusive cities.

Research team: Dr Sukanya Krishnamurthy, University of Edinburgh; Professor Kay Tisdall, University of Edinburgh; Dr Mary Ann Powell, University of Edinburgh; Professor Irene Rizzini, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Ms Roshni Kishore Nuggehalli, Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action, India; Ms Kanak Tiwari, National Institute of Urban Affairs; Mr Bharath Palavalli, Fields of View, India.

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