Addressing Societal Gender, Geographical Location, Religious and Caste Discrimination Through Developing a Life and Employment Skills Course and Accompanying Social Marketing Campaign

A project that aims to tackle discrimination against young women in India.
Project status
Youth Futures

Despite India's economic growth, young women continue to experience employment discrimination based upon their gender, caste, geographic location and religious beliefs, and this has severe economic consequences. This project seeks to address these issues by designing, delivering and monitoring an employment and life-skills course accredited by the Chartered Management Institute and supported by a social marketing campaign. The course will be co-developed by young female students attending Bharati College, University of Delhi (an all-female college with a socio-economic and culturally diverse student population) and stakeholders representing employers, higher education institutions, NGOs and national government. It is envisaged that the course can be upscaled at a later stage, thereby achieving greater efficacy and effectiveness.

Research team: Dr Andrew Lindridge, Newcastle University; Dr Anoop Bhogal-Nair, De Montfort University; Professor Pauline Dixon, Newcastle University; Dr Steve Humble, Newcastle University

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