Writing for An Other World

Dr Sarah Amsler, University of Nottingham; Mexico
Project status

This workshop has been designed for early career researchers investigating and writing about alternatives to capitalist, colonial and patriarchal models of development from disciplinary approaches in education, sociology and politics, including those working in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary ways across these fields. It will be organised as an intensive residential writing, publication and academic development programme for 15 early career researchers from Mexico, Argentina and the wider Latin American region. It will be guided by a relational approach to academic development. This means that the workshop will combine advanced training in the critical knowledge and skills needed for academic success (eg demystifying the academic publishing process, co-writing research grant proposals, assuming peer-review and editorial responsibilities, understanding the similarities and differences between national knowledge-production cultures and systems, and managing plurilingual and multinational publishing projects) with a dialogical development of the social and affective capabilities that underpin effective, non-hierarchical communication in intercultural writing and research.

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