Governing for Urban Inclusion

Dr Charlotte Lemanski, University of Cambridge; South Africa
Project status

This workshop will target early-career researchers interested in exploring innovative ideas and existing practices of governing for urban inclusion. It will be located in, and will focus empirically on, South Africa. This is pertinent because, just over 20 years since apartheid’s demise, the nation remains highly unequal in social, economic and spatial terms. The urban context represents exclusivity in accessing resources and opportunities, demonstrated in protests by low-income groups regarding access to housing, services and employment, while at the other extreme high-income groups physically, politically and socially secede from urban life (eg in gated communities). Exploring how to govern for urban inclusion is therefore vital, and there are a large number of early-career researchers working on these issues in South Africa, who would benefit from support to develop publications and grant applications suitable for high-profile international academic journals and funding bodies respectively.

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