Writing West African University Campus Modernism: Joint Ghana Nigeria Virtual Workshop

The workshop(s) for this project will take place in Ghana and Nigeria.
Project status

The lack of indigenous African writers involved in writing African architectural history is a major problem, despite the development of the field over the past two decades. This workshop seeks to develop the writing skills of young Ghanaian and Nigerian architecture research students to write critically in academic and contemporary media about the history and their direct experience of African university campus architecture. West African universities provide amongst the best examples of Africa’s modernist architectural heritage and remain formally undocumented. This workshop seeks to enable early career researchers to acquire appropriate writing skills and subsequently commence writing the architectural history of Lagos and Ghana University campuses, which will become a legacy project for early career researcher architectural historians, planners, and urbanists at both institutions. The joint-campus workshops use the peer-to-peer mentoring process based on past ASAUK-associated BA-funded writing workshops in 2018 and 2019.

Workshop Team: Professor Nwola Uduku, Manchester Metropolitan University; Dr Irene Appeaning Addo, University of Ghana; Dr Nnezi Uduma-Olugu, University of Lagos

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