Writing Religion and Social Transformation in Africa: publishing and mentoring workshop for early career arts, humanities and social science researchers

Project status


The Universities of Edinburgh and Malawi are collaborating with editors of Africanist journals and book-series to enhance the academic writing and publishing skills of early-career researchers (ECRs) in Southern Africa, so to diversify international academic conversations, whilst also developing ECRs’ research profiles, funding and networking capabilities. A four-day in-person writing and mentoring workshop in Malawi will be the centre of a two year programme of training and mentoring for ECRs. Focussed upon a multidisciplinary theme of critical importance, ‘Religion and Social Transformation in Africa’, researchers from arts, humanities and social science (AHSS) will prepare papers for feedback, then academic publication and public communication. ECRs will receive training in peer-review, grant application and interdisciplinary working. To build long-term AHSS research and writing capacity and career development, ECRs will be supported to undertake peer mentorship in their own institutions, be introduced to new regionally based journals and form cohorts for future collaborations.

Workshop Team: Professor Emma Wild-Wood, University of Edinburgh; Dr Dorothy Tembo, University of Malawi; Mr Jimmy Kainja, University of Malawi.

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