Writing For Research and Researcher Capacity-Building in Regional University Contexts (Mountains of the Moon University, Uganda and the University of Salford, UK)

Project status


Mountains of the Moon University (MMU) was formally recognised as the 10th Public University in Uganda in 2022. Only 6% of MMU Faculty have published papers. Despite a 10-year partnership with the University of Salford, the ability to extend teaching collaboration to research partnership has been hampered by a lack of PhD qualified/research-active Faculty. Under Government rules all new staff must have or register for PhDs. To stimulate this MMU has appointed a core of PhD-qualified Faculty. The proposed workshops will support these Research Leaders to mentor the next generation of Early Career Researchers, building sustainable research capacity and international recognition. Activities will focus on the development of a range of writing skills with an emphasis on Writing for: (1) Conference Presentations and Publication; (2) Grant Applications; (3) Impact (Translational Research) and (4) Research-informed Teaching. Partners will collaborate to develop a PhD-by-Published-Works program to expedite the development of critical mass.

Workshop Team: Dr Louise Ackers, University of Salford; Dr Emmanuel Kimera, Mountains of the Moon University; Dr Pereez Nimusima, Mountains of the Moon University; Dr Pamela Niyezimana, Mountains of the Moon University; Dr Faith Ahabyoona, Mountains of the Moon University; Dr Joanna Kataike, Mountains of the Moon University.

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