Writing and Researching the Political Economy of Inequality in Africa (WARIA)

The workshop(s) for this project will take place in Nigeria and South Africa.
Project status

This project will extend and expand the first iteration of the Writing and Researching Inequality in Africa (WARIA1) workshop programme. It will support the career development of 18 WARIA1 alumni plus another 15 participants who have graduated through the WARIA MOOC to become the WARIA2 cohort. Online collaboration and follow-up activities will surround three in-person workshops (in Nigeria and South Africa). In-person interaction will deepen and secure the sustainability of collaboration initiated through online interactions. Workshops 1&2 will develop the capacity of WARIA1 alumni to become research leaders, as well as enabling progress on collaborative research outputs and funding proposals. Workshop 3 will enable these alumni to gain research leadership experience as they assume the roles of facilitators and mentors for the new WARIA2 cohort who have graduated from the MOOC. This will help to cement and expand WARIA as a sustainable network of researchers interested in inequality in Africa.

Workshop Team: Dr Sophia Price, Leeds Beckett University; Dr Tinuade Ojo, University of Johannesburg; Dr Emily Ikhide, National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies; Dr Adewale Aderemi, National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies.

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