Visibilising marginalised Early Career Researchers in Peace, Conflict and Security Studies : A Writing and Publishing Workshop for scholars from the Global South

Project status


This programme seeks to build on the 2019 Workshop ‘Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Research on Peace and Security: Publishing and Grant Writing Workshop for Early Career Researchers in Eastern Africa’. The evidence base into whose knowledge matters in the field is still growing. Awareness of the need for more diversity and pluralism is more nuanced, especially in its call for decolonizing knowledge production. For the catalytic effect intended for the 2019 proposal to continue, similar initiatives are needed to support ECRs and visibilize marginalised voices from the Global South. This follow-up proposal seeks to engage with a different set of participants, to provide skills that enhance the writing skills of ECRs and deepen their knowledge of the publication process and research funding landscapes. The outcome of the workshop will be a South-South ECRs peer network and an opportunity to publish in two publications: a special issue journal and a Palgrave Handbook.

Workshop Team: Dr Sarah Njeri, SOAS; Dr Zac Chiliswa, Meru University of Science and Technology; Dr Roberta Holanda Maschietto, Universidade Estadual Paulista; Natália Bueno, University of Coimbra.

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