Urban Transport Modelling for Sustainable Well-Being in Hanoi

A project seeking to investigate how alternative transport models may be able to improve urban well-being in Vietnam.
Project status

Many cities - such as Hanoi in Vietnam - are expanding rapidly, but formal infrastructure is failing to keep pace with the burgeoning population. This is further complicated by the emergence of informal transport infrastructures that develop in areas of unplanned urban sprawl. This project employs an innovative process that interlinks new data collection, modelling and policy development. By working with policy makers at the highest levels of government, the research team aims to address questions regarding how, where and when planned policies should be implemented (if at all), what the impacts on local communities would be, whether public transport can cope, and whether there are better alternatives.

Research Team: Professor Nick Malleson, University of Leeds; Dr Quang-Thanh Bui, Vietnam National University; Professor Alex Comber, University of Leeds; Dr Huu Phe Hoang, R&D Consultants; Dr Kieu Le Minh, Leeds Institute of Data Analytics; Dr Truc Nguyen Ngoc, Vietnam National University; Dr Hang Nguyen Thuy, Vietnam National University

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