Equitable Mobility for City Health and Well-Being

This project aims to produce co-designed solutions to improve the mobility of vulnerable urban residents in East Africa.
Project status

For many East African residents, travel around cities is problematic due to poor walking and cycling infrastructure, traffic congestion leading to long travel times, and exposure to pollution and road safety hazards, all of which impact on people’s health and well-being. This project works with vulnerable urban residents (including the poor, disabled, women and children) to understand how their journeys, and the daily challenges and risks they confront, affect health and well-being, both psychologically and physically. This includes novel health measurements, journey mapping and storytelling to understand different dimensions of the problem. The research team is looking to consider how informal mobility solutions adopted by these groups interact with official transport systems. It will then select particular pressing challenges and work with engineers and vulnerable users to co-design solutions to improve mobility allowing better access to work, education, healthcare and opportunities, particularly for vulnerable users.

Research Team: Dr Steve Cinderby, University of York; Mrs Nancy Abira, TIMCON Associates; Professor Karen Lucas, University of Leeds; Dr Romanus Opiyo, Stockholm Environmental Institute

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