Upskilling African Early Career Researchers in Archaeology and Heritage

Project status


Early career researchers (ECRs) in Archaeology and heritage in Africa least developed countries are challenged by inadequate mentorship, collaboration, and skills about research ethics and compliance, hindering their involvement and continuous participation in academic and research endeavours. This project will be implemented by a team of researchers from different research areas with years of experience, publication records and involvement in grant applications and funded projects. The workshops will improve the skills of six English- and six French-speaking ECRs working in five African countries, fostering wider understandings of the processes involved in conducting impactful research. Mentorship and networking opportunities to be provided will improve their career development and promote uptake and publishing of high impact journals and grant calls. Participants will present their research at Kenya Africa24 Conference in November 2024. Feedback will be collected from the participants to understand ways to improve the workshop for future implementation.

Workshop Team: Dr Cathy Daly, University of Lincoln; Dr Olufemi Adetunji, University of Lincoln; Dr KI Léonce, Dr Joseph KI-Zerbo University of Burkina Faso; Dr François Ngouoh, The University of Yaoundé, Dr Shadia Abdrabo, National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums Sudan; Professor Paul Makasa, National Council for Construction Zambia.

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