Lost and Found? A Digital Archive of Testimonies of Migration, Displacement and Resettlement

This project investigates the concept of 'home' within the context of migration, displacement and resettlement.
Project status

This project centers on the homes that have been lost and found by refugees of the recent Syrian crisis. Experiences of urban life are negotiated in particularly complex ways by refugees moving across regions and nations in pursuit of home. In these movements, they expand the dimensions of home. How do these mobile dimensions constitute programmes of making and remaking home, while also underscoring testimonies of migration, displacement and resettlement?

The research team aims to situate the contemporary refugee’s pursuit as part of a larger 20th century project of post-camp migration and re-settlement. The project will incorporate a digital archive looking to enhance international understanding of the contemporary Syrian refugee crisis while encouraging policy makers to rethink policy reform, within the UK and beyond.

Principal Investigator: Dr Yasmine Shamma, University of Reading

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