Intimacies of Violence: Veterans' Accounts of Gender and Warfare and its Aftermath in Peru

This project investigates gender-based violence in Peru, and the long-term societal effects of violence and warfare.
Project status

This research aims to contribute to our understanding of perpetration of gendered violence in war, feeding into UK objectives to prevent sexual violence in conflict globally. The project asks how men become able to perpetrate sexual violence in war, and how this affects their intimate relationships in the aftermath. This is a historical-anthropological study based on ethnography and life history interviewing situated in Peru, a country struggling with legacies of conflict including high levels of gender-based violence. It draws on multi-disciplinary scholarship and aims to allow for a multi-stakeholder reflection on the long-term societal effects of experiencing violence, both for perpetrators and victim-survivors.

Principal Investigator: Jelke Boesten, King's College London

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