Transitional Justice and 'Transitional Journalism': Understanding the Role of Journalists as Non-State Actors in the Delivery of Historical Justice - Case Study on Kosovo

The project examines the role of journalists, as non-state actors, in historical accounting and challenging the historical record; and the extent to which international efforts to support transitional justice have shaped that role.
Project status

The (re)establishment of a historical record after the collapse of an authoritarian regime or the cessation of an armed conflict takes on a special significance, and is an essential component of delivering ‘transitional justice’ – for example through state-sponsored initiatives such as ‘truth commissions’. Transitional justice scholarship has started to recognise that non-state actors play a complementary role. The aim of this project is to improve understanding of international support for historical accounting in transitional contexts.  Kosovo is chosen as a case study due to the UK’s involvement in the events leading to Kosovo's declaration of independence in 2008, and because it has both post-authoritarian and post-conflict dimensions.

Principal Investigator: Professor James Sweeney, Lancaster University

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