Teaching for Sustainable Development through Ethical Global Issues Pedagogy: Participatory Research with Teachers

This project aims to generate empirical evidence about enabling and discouraging factors for an ethical global issues pedagogy.
Project status

There is an urgent policy imperative to support effective teaching of global issues. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals include Target 4.7: mainstreaming education for sustainable development and global citizenship education. Critical scholarship in both fields has called for an ethical global issues pedagogy that takes-up, rather than avoiding, difficult questions about global inequalities. Despite consensus on the importance of including global issues in education, there is a lack of knowledge about how to enact critical scholarship in this field and to what extent teachers are currently resourced and open to engaging in such a pedagogy. This project will propose, test and mobilise a framework informed by empirical research with teachers of social studies subjects at secondary level in the UK, Sweden and Finland.

Principal Investigator: Dr Karen Pashby, Manchester Metropolitan University

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