The British Academy’s Briefings explore the challenges and the key issues related to the UK’s withdrawal from the EU within the context of research and innovation and UK-Ireland relations. These briefings intend to raise awareness of the topics and questions that need consideration and/or responses as the UK negotiates its exit from the EU.
Europe's Futures

The decision of the UK to leave the EU has raised concerns and uncertainty over the land border on the island of Ireland, the Common Travel Area, the Good Friday Agreement as well as the all-island economy. These issues which have been identified as priorities for the Irish Government and for the EU institutions are the focus of our series of briefings with the Royal Irish Academy. By exploring the distinct geographical, historical, legal and economic context of these islands, the briefings aim to inform policies and the wider debate during the negotiations.

This series also seeks to inform policies as they relate to research and innovation. Our priority is to ensure that the excellence and value of UK-based research, scholars and students in the humanities and social sciences are recognised and supported in the various agreements that will be required during and after the Article 50 process. World-class research is outward looking and internationally engaged, benefitting from an exchange of ideas, people, methods and practices across borders.


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