Transnational Early Career Research Network (TECReN) in Visual and Performing Arts

The workshop(s) for this project will take place in Mauritius, Nigeria, and South Africa.
Project status

TECReN in Visual and Performing Arts builds on the success of our previous Writing Workshops (WW2110017) by re-engaging some of the same ECR participants to strengthen and expand their existing research networks, to further nurture their identities as practitioner-researchers, and to give them hands-on experience in preparing research funding applications and publishing in top-rated international journals, as authors and special issue editors. Participants from Mauritius, Nigeria, and South Africa will be placed into interdisciplinary clusters according to their developmental needs and priorities, and work under the mentorship of one of the project’s investigators (PI and Co-Is) on live, real-world projects. Our live projects will include the collaborative writing and submission of funding applications for schemes including the AHRC research networking scheme, and the publication of either special issues for the Journal of the British Academy, or individual submissions to specialist journals, such as the Journal of Artistic Research.

Workshop Team: Professor Kene Igweonu, University of the Arts London; Associate Professor Alexandra Kokoli, Middlesex University; Professor Sunday Ododo, University of Maiduguri; Professor Leora Farber-Blackbeard, University of Johannesburg.

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