The Role of Traditional Food Systems in Rapid Urbanisation

This project addresses the challenge of food insecurity in cities as experienced by migrant communities and explores the role of traditional foods in wellbeing.
Project status

The global population is increasingly urbanised, with Sub-Saharan Africa experiencing the fastest rate of urban population growth.

South Africa is a centre for regional migration, with Johannesburg being the destination for the largest proportion of both within-country and international migrants. Urban populations are dependent on markets for food. It is therefore essential that access to affordable, acceptable and nutritious food through markets is prioritised by cities.

The project focuses on two migrant groups in Johannesburg – South African rural to urban migrants and international regional migrants. Identifying the drivers of food choice in urban migrant populations around traditional foods, barriers to consumption and being able to harness this knowledge in urban planning and development will help tackle the problem of urban food insecurity and malnutrition.

Principal Investigator: Professor Alexandra Hughes, Newcastle University

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