The 'net' in net-zero greenhouse gas emissions: achieving just transitions in the forestry sector through climate policy integration and learning

Project status

How can just transitions to societies with net-zero carbon/GHG emissions be successful in the forestry sector? Protecting forests, halting deforestation and supporting reforestation globally by increasing natural carbon sinks such as forests will be central in delivering on the ‘net’ aspect of countries’ ambition to achieve ‘net-zero’ carbon/GHG emissions by 2040-2060. This aim however competes with agricultural business, logging and bio- energy related interests along global value chains as main drivers of deforestation. Drawing on qualitative and quantitative data from a global survey of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals/SDGs Partnerships on forestry and forestry-related climate policies, this project will evaluate in co-production with central stakeholders how just transitions in the forestry and related agriculture/bio-energy sectors can be achieved. It will focus on drawing lessons and learning from successful SDG partnerships to achieve a successful integration of climate action through halting deforestation and just transitions for the actors whose livelihoods are adversely affected.

Dr Katharina Rietig, Newcastle University; Dr Graham Long, Newcastle University

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