Well-Being: Indigenous Wells, Pastoralist Biocultural Heritage and Community Archaeology for Sustainable Development in Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia

This project aims to demonstrate how community archaeology research on wells as biocultural heritage can empower communities to engage constructively with external actors such as governments, companies, academics, and NGOs.
Project status

This is a collaborative research project between archaeologists and pastoralist community organisations on the long-term history of indigenous water management and well-digging in northern Kenya and southern Ethiopia. It brings together stakeholders with diverse knowledge, skills and experience to exchange knowledge of pastoralist self-organisation and sustainable development in these arid but resilient landscapes. The project is based on the premise that community archaeology of wells can inform a variety of water management and governance decisions among contemporary pastoralists and other stakeholders.

Principal Investigator: Dr Mbogori Freda Nkirote, British Institute in Eastern Africa 

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