Rohingya Journeys of Violence and Resilience in Bangladesh and its Neighbours: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

This project examines the political economy of violence that has resulted in the forced displacement of over two million Rohingya from Myanmar in recent decades.
Project status

Taking the August 2017 mass-scale exodus from Myanmar following ethnic cleansing as a starting point, the research team seeks to examine the impact of the violence on this vulnerable refugee community in Bangladesh. These impacts will be contextualised historically and in terms of gender and faith, as the team explores how the nationalist ideology and politics behind identity characteristics in Bangladesh, India and Malaysia over the last seven decades have affected Rohingya experiences of welcome and violence in the region today. The aim is to generate new knowledge produced by, and with, Rohingya refugees regarding their experiences of gendered violence, vulnerability to disasters, resilience characteristics and societal adaptability in a humanitarian context; and will provide a basis for understanding cultural prejudice. 

Principal Investigator: Professor Peter Sammonds, University College London 

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