Making Light Work

This project empirically evaluates the progress being made through Scaling Solar in specific country programmes. The objective is to identify the key factors that are necessary for the initiative to succeed at scale.
Project status

Making Light Work analyses a new programme, developed by the World Bank, that aims to rapidly increase the amount of energy that is generated through solar power in developing countries. The programme, called Scaling Solar, involves creating a “one stop shop” that pulls together the key elements necessary to develop and implement privately funded grid-connected solar projects, delivering electricity at competitive tariffs.

Solar power could offer a significant and sustainable complement to the energy mix of countries like Zambia, one of the key study sites. Building further upon programmes such as Scaling Solar would support many of the objectives of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, most obviously on energy, but also in terms of economic growth and infrastructure. Conversely, a lack of progress in expanding sustainable electricity generation might lead to greater energy insecurity, with the attendant risks this presents to rapidly growing and urbanising populations. The stakes could, therefore, not be higher. 

Principal Investigator: Dr Alex Money, University of Oxford

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