When States Fail: Forced Displacement, Religious Diplomacy and Human Security in the Eastern Orthodox World

This project examines the relationship between forced displacement, religious diplomacy and human security in Eastern Europe and Eurasia, as reflected in the post-1992 breakup of Yugoslavia, the post-2011 Syrian crisis and the 2014 Russian takeover of Crimea.
Project status

The project focuses on four areas: 1) the circulation of ideas on human security between religious and secular courts, monastic settlements, pilgrimage sites and educational establishments; 2) religious strategies in relation to violence, tolerance, transitory environments and resettlement; 3) religious support, protection and mechanisms towards displaced populations, and 4) channels of religious diplomacy advancing human security. It aims to offer improved understanding of the role of religious communities in fostering violence, survival, tolerance and resettlement, religious support, as well as formal and informal types of diplomacy towards forced displaced populations.

Principal Investigator: Dr Lucian Leustean, Aston University 

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