Supporting Mexican Early Career Researchers in Writing for Publication

The workshop(s) for this project will take place in Mexico.
Project status

The Writing Workshop is directed at Mexican PhD students and early career researchers (ECRs) in the disciplines of leisure and tourism management. In partnership with the PhD programme in Tourism at the Faculty of Tourism and Marketing, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California-Tijuana, Mexico, the workshop will provide networking opportunities and personalised mentoring for participants to access the scholarly requirements of high-ranking journals in English. The workshop will also incorporate a session on writing grant applications.

The workshop will aim to: support the development of Mexican PhD students/ECRs; to contribute towards increasing the international visibility of their research; to connect Mexican ECRs with other ECRs, established scholars and editors of international leisure and tourism journals based in the UK; to build a network between UK-based scholars and ECRs in Mexico. The workshop will adopt a collaborative methodology through personalised mentoring with established scholars and supportive group work.

Workshop Team: Dr Laura Paola Vizacaino Suarez, Bournemouth University; Dr Isis Arlene Diaz-Carrion, Autonomous University of Baja California; Dr Jayne Caudwell, Bournemouth University

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