Strengthening Academic Writing Skills, Building Networks and Fostering Mentorship for Early Career Researchers in Francophone and Anglophone West and Central Africa

Project status


Scholars suggest Africa contributes less than 1% to the global research output (Fonn et al., 2018), an estimate likely lower for the continent’s lowest income and least developed countries (LDCs). Led by a core team of African scholars based in Africa and in Diaspora, this African-led project leverages existing capacity building work to support, promote and advance the intellectual and professional development of African early career researchers in the lowest income and LDCs in West and Central Africa. The project undertakes an innovative structure of online sessions, in-person workshops, co-authorship and mentorship to support early career Francophone and Anglophone scholars to develop manuscripts to submit to high quality journals, gain academic self-development skills and build their networks. As a result, the project will create a strong cohort of connected African researchers who will collaborate to produce high-quality scholarship to influence debates and decisions relevant to Africa’s social development.

Workshop Team: Dr Margaret Ebubedike, The Open University; Dr Kurauone Masungo, University of the Free State; Dr Ouya Bouma, L'université de la Francophonie Ndjamena; Dr Bukola Oyinloye, University of York; Dr Abigail Ehidiamen, University of Lincoln; Dr Joyceline Alla Mensah, University of Lincoln.

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