Social Welfare for Sustainable Development in Southeast Asia: People, Processes, and Institutions

The workshop(s) for this project will take place in Indonesia and Thailand.
Project status

Thai and Indonesian scholars of social welfare often struggle to publish in high quality international journals. These workshops focus on mentoring and supporting these emerging scholars as ‘Pathfinders’, drawing on extensive connections, and the express support of three high quality disciplinary journals. The workshop team will be working with Indonesian and Thai partners to deliver blended activities such as video resources, plenary session, regular Zoom discussions, one-on-one writing feedback, and final in-country workshops. The plenary, delivered via Zoom, will introduce the activities, with small group Zoom mentoring for focused support. The final workshops in Bangkok and Yogyakarta will act as catalysts for the wider Southeast Asia region with attendees drawn nationally and regionally.

Workshop Team: Professor Neil Lunt, University of York; Professor Mulyadi Sumarto, Gadjah Mada University; Professor David Engstrom, San Diego State University; Dr Antonios Roumpakis, University of York; Professor Ian Shaw, University of York; Dr Sophie Mackinder, University of York

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