The Social Science of Climate Change Adaptation: Advancing Academic Writing for Early Career Academics in Tanzania

The workshop(s) for this project take place in Tanzania.
Project status

This workshop combines two pressing needs in Tanzania. First, the rapid growth of the country’s Universities has produced numerous early career academics and not enough mentors to guide them. Second, the impacts of climate change are affecting societies, economies and livelihoods in ways that social scientists need to communicate to international audiences.

This writing workshop will build the capacity of early career academics working on the social science of climate change to publish in high impact journals, write successful grant applications and improve networking between Global North and South scholars. To achieve this goal, the workshop will connect with senior international editors, through peer to peer reviews and group discussion. Editors and academics from leading journals will facilitate the workshop to address issues including the publication landscape, publication strategies, dealing with reviewers’ comments, engaging social media, and responding to funding opportunities.

Workshop Team: Professor Dan Brockington, University of Sheffield; Dr Kalista Higini Peter, University of Dodoma; Dr Wilhelm Kiwango, University of Dodoma; Dr Christine Noe, University of Dar es Salaam; Dr Kelvin Mtei, Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology

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