Social History from the Global South: New Voices from Southern Africa

The workshop(s) for this project will take place in South Africa.
Project status

Despite accounting for 13.5% of the global population, Sub-Saharan Africa produces less than 1% of global research output. This statistic becomes even more alarming considering a 2014 report by the African Humanities Program which detailed the ‘de-prioritization’ of the humanities in Southern Africa by policymakers and officials. Social History from the Global South: New Voices from Southern Africa, responds to this crisis in humanities research, bringing together twenty-five of the most promising early career historians from across the region. Working with established scholars – all of whom have significant publishing experience, both as writers and editors – this intensive and timely workshop will support and develop the scholarship of academics located in the Global South. In doing so, it will help to address the enduring marginalisation of research originating from the African continent in an effort to make tangible the education goals articulated in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Workshop Team: Dr Kate Law, University of Nottingham; Professor Ian Phimister, University of the Free State; Dr Ivo Mhike, University of Zimbabwe; Professor Margot Finn, University College London; Dr Jonathan Saha, University of Leeds; Dr George Karekwaivanane, University of Edinburgh

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