Rewriting World Archaeology: Africa

The workshop(s) for this project is proposed in Nepal.
Project status

The underrepresentation in international journals of scholarship from low-and middle-income countries is widely recognised. To address this, world archaeology journal “Antiquity” working with colleagues across Africa and Europe will lead a new mentoring programme: “Rewriting World Archaeology: Africa”. This initiative will support early career researchers (ECRs) from Africa by facilitating the acquisition of the skills and knowledge to publish in international journals, and to develop innovative research agendas and acquire the experience to become the disciplinary leaders of the future. In doing so, the programme will foster longer-term rewriting of a more equitable world archaeology. ECR alumni from the original workshop cohort will expand skills in writing, editorial work and peer mentoring; a new cohort will develop manuscripts for publication. The two groups will work towards an in-person workshop at the BIEA. Subsequently, Cohort 2 will submit manuscripts for publication, some directed towards a special section guest-edited by Cohort 1.

Workshop Team: Dr Robert Witcher, Durham University; Professor Innocent Pikirayi, University of Pretoria; Professor Robin Skeates, University of Durham; Professor Sarah Semple, Durham University; Dr Rui Gomes Coelho, University of Durham; Dr Nancy Rushohora, University of Dar es Salaam; Dr Elgidius Ichumbaki, University of Dar es Salaam.

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