Reimagining Access to Justice: An Equitable Research Partnership with Southeast Asia

Project status


Access to justice is central to the rule of law and sustainable development. Without access to justice people are not fully heard and they cannot effectively enforce their rights. Countries in Southeast Asia face unique access to justice challenges which call for a reimagining of current approaches to access to justice. Through a combination of hands-on feedback sessions and guided discussions on scholarly writing and publishing, these Writing Workshops bring together access to justice scholars from the United Kingdom and Southeast Asia. Our objective is to create a genuine research network among equals that will increase the representation of early career scholars from Southeast Asia and amplify their voices in contemporary legal scholarship. By making the workshop materials available online, the Writing Workshops will also reach out to a broader audience that exceeds the cycle of immediate participants and thereby have a long-term impact on academic culture.

Workshop Team: Dr Georgia Antonopoulou, University of Birmingham; Dr Priskila Pratita Penasthika, University of Indonesia; Dr João Ilhão Moreira, University of Macau.

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