Publishing and Mentoring Workshop: Lagos in the World, the World in Lagos

The workshop(s) for this project will take place in Nigeria.
Project status

This application is for an alumni writing and mentoring workshop to convene previous cohorts of the successful workshops held in cooperation with the Lagos Studies Association (LSA), an international, interdisciplinary organisation with a focus on Lagos/African cities. The LSA has become famous for its mentoring workshops, in which the BA-funded writing workshops have been a central pillar. The LSA convenes scholars from across the globe, and has become an important international networking hub. Central to the vision of the conference is the mentoring of the next generation of African scholars. The alumni workshop will have a special focus on the previous cohorts of the Women’s Mentoring Network of the LSA, which was founded with the generous financial support of the British Academy workshop grant. An inter-generational and international team of women will lead the alumni workshop, which will bring together a carefully selected group of participants, in particular women scholars.

Workshop Team: Dr Louisa Egbunike, Durham University; Dr Elizabeth Olayiwola, Kwara State University, Malete, Nigeria; Dr Carli Coetzee, International Africa Institute.

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