Publishing African Impact-related Research on Sustainability (PAIRS)

The workshop(s) for this project will take place in South Africa.
Project status

The challenges that early career researchers in South Africa face in maintaining research productivity in sustainability-focused topics are well-documented. This series of workshops is aimed at: i) building the research capacity of early career sustainability researchers (ECSRs) in South Africa to publish in highly ranked international journals and to prepare grant applications; and ii) giving voice to ECSRs in South Africa to expose and address certain power-imbalances and blind spots that exist within international research on sustainability. To achieve these objectives, the project will offer training, mentoring, professional networking, skills-development and knowledge-exchange activities with the involvement of established scholars from the UK and South Africa and international experts and editors. The urgency to enhance North-South research partnership was underlined by the first National SDGs Progress Review (2019) by South Africa. PAIRS will enable active collaboration between UK and South African ECSRs, contributing to inclusive and equitable education and knowledge exchange.

Workshop team: Professor Mollie Painter, Nottingham Trent University; Dr Michele Ruiters, Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS); Dr Elme Vivier, Nottingham Trent University; Professor Louise Whittaker, University of Pretoria; Dr Theresa Onaji-Benson, University of Pretoria; Dr Emrah Karakilic, Nottingham Trent University; Professor Charlene Lew, University of Pretoria.

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