Promoting African perspectives on Innovation, Digitalisation and Entrepreneurship in Africa: an interdisciplinary writing and mentoring programme for African Early Career Researchers

Project status


Building on well-established collaborations among members of the Interdisciplinary Network for Technology and Entrepreneurship Research in Africa (INTERA), this project solidifies and expands our joint commitment to supporting African Early Career Researchers (ECRs) studying Innovation, Digitalisation and Entrepreneurship in Africa. Although digital technologies and entrepreneurship have been marked as key to Africa’s development, many African scholars have a low acceptance rate when publishing on these issues in high impact (Scimago Q2 and Q1) journals. This project brings 20 ECRs from Southern Africa studying these topics from various disciplines, like Information Systems, Anthropology and Management, together with experienced scholars from South Africa, the UK and the Netherlands to aid them in developing high-quality publications, grant proposals and international networks. After the project, we will invite the participating ECRs to join INTERA to receive long-term mentorship, peer support and encouragement to be part of editorial boards of Information Systems, Anthropology, and Management journals.

Workshop Team: Dr Mumin Abubakre, Loughborough University; Dr Tessa Pijnaker, Verwey-Jonker Instituut; Professor Helena Christiana Barnard, University of Pretoria; Dr Tim Weiss, Imperial College London; Dr Jess Auerbach Jahajeeah, University of Cape Town; Professor Amon Chizema, Loughborough University; Professor Marcia Mkansi, University of South Africa.

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