Professor Pam Crabtree

Pam Crabtree is an archaeologist and Professor of Anthropology at New York University, USA. For the duration of her Visiting Fellowship she is hosted by Bournemouth University.
Project status

Professor Pam Crabtree
During her time in the UK, Professor Crabtree will work with Dr Ellen Hambleton and Professor Mark Maltby on a manuscript that focuses on archaeological evidence for animal husbandry and hunting in the South Caucasus during the Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age periods. This region has been historically understudied by archaeologists, and the team will be bringing together recently analysed data from South Russia and Armenia. In addition, Professor Crabtree and her colleagues will be laying the groundwork for a broader study of how medieval cities were provisioned with meat and other animal products, drawing on research in the United Kingdom and other parts of northern Europe.


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