Professor Emmanuel Kasimbazi

Emmanuel Kasimbazi is Professor of Law at Makerere University, Uganda. For the duration of his Visiting Fellowship he is hosted by the University of Reading.
Project status

Professor Kasimbazi's research interests include environmental law, disaster law, climate change law, oil and gas, forestry law and water law. He has worked as a consultant on several projects in Uganda as well as other countries in Africa and elsewhere.

During his time in the UK, Professor Kasimbazi will research the effectiveness of policy, legislative and institutional frameworks to address disaster risk reduction (DRR) in the East African community.

Specifically, this research will analyse the international, regional and national legal, policy and institutional frameworks for DRR and the extent to which the frameworks address the coordination of disaster risk reduction, hazard monitoring and risk mapping, communication and declaration of disasters, control of land uses, responsibility for the provision of physical infrastructure for disaster risk reduction and integration with climate change adaptation.

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