Professor Carol Chan

Carol Chan is Professor of Education at the University of Hong Kong. For the duration of her Visiting Fellowship she is hosted by the University of Cambridge.
Project status

Professor Chan’s research interests include learning sciences and computer-supported knowledge building. During her time in the UK, she will collaborate with Dr Sara Hennessy and the Cambridge Educational Dialogue Research team. 

Helping students to engage in reasoning, collaboration and dialogue are now widely recognised as major educational goals. This research draws on two research themes of dialogic teaching and knowledge building to investigate the nature of productive classroom interaction mediated by technology, and to investigate how dialogic approaches develop among UK and Hong Kong teachers.

The findings will contribute towards the joint development of a unique general analytic scheme for technology-mediated dialogue which integrates knowledge building. Broadening dialogic teaching using technology and examining its use in different cultural contexts would enrich our understanding of the nature, dynamics and application of dialogic pedagogy.



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